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Aaron Eckhart: ‘I don’t think about being a star anymore. I’ve given that up’

Actor Aaron Eckhart has accomplished a lot in his career. He’s been in numerous blockbusters including “The Dark Knight.” He was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his starring role in “Thank You For Smoking.”

Most recently, he plays co-pilot Jeff Skiles to Captain Sullenberger, played by Tom Hanks, in the film “Sully.” And he plays famous boxer Vinny Pazienza’s coach in the film, “Bleed For This.”

His big break came in 1997, with Neil Labute’s film “In the Company of Men.” But, like most actors with a 20-year career, he hasn’t always picked great films. For instance, his 2014 film “I, Frankenstein” made less than $20 million domestically and currently has 3 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Frame’s John Horn spoke with Aaron Eckhart about being directed by Clint Eastwood in “Sully,” how Hollywood prepped him to be a movie star, and how he realizes that he’s not trying to be a leading man anymore.

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On how he reacted when he got the part in “Sully”:

In this business, every single day of your life can change on any given day. So I just got a call and somehow Clint Eastwood wanted to meet me. It was one of those moments. It’s been years since I jumped around in my car and fist pumped and yelled. I remember where I was when I did it and I went right back to 20 years ago when I started making my first film in the sense that I was just overjoyed to be making a movie with such professionals.

On the realities of being a movie star:

It’s hard to get into these films. There’s a handful of actors who are consistently getting into “blue chip” films that are about something, that are meaningful, that have great directors and have the studio behind them. In my career, sometimes I’ve been in and sometimes I’ve been out. I feel like I’m just getting out of prison after six years and it feels good.

Horn: A prison of what?

You know, maybe questionable choices of taking a shot here that didn’t work out and having to work myself out of it. I count myself lucky to be in the business after 20 years. And for me to still be kicking around and still be a viable, recognizable commodity in this business is a huge achievement.

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‘Bleed for This’ Cast on Bringing Boxer Vinny Paz’s Life to the Big Screen

Aaron Eckhart on preparing to play boxing trainer Kevin Rooney

I’ve been boxing training for about 20 years, ever since I did “Erin Brockovich.” So, I knew it a little bit, saw a picture of Kevin, looked him up and said, OK, got to get to that guy.

I went through a great boxing trainer here, Freddie Roach, took me through his training camp with Pacquiao and Bradley, so I stuck it out and went to Vegas with them, was in the locker room before and after. Freddie taught me everything I know about training, about doing the mitts, about the psychology of a fighter, the psychology of an opponent. The whole chess game. Then Kevin Rooney Jr., Kevin’s son, was fighting in the Algieri camp when Pacquiao fought him later that year, so I went to that camp and I hung out with Kevin Rooney Jr. and he told me about his father and his training style, his technique. Then I went to the internet and got everything I could on his fights because Kevin was a fighter himself and had many interviews. Anything I could.

When I was in Vegas, I met all the old promoters who knew Kevin. They told me stories. As Miles said, in Rhode Island everybody had a story. So, by the time we were filming, we were well educated.

We have a responsibility because these are real people and they’re living and you have to respect, reverence for them. I want to look like him. Everyone on the set was really committed to this film, these characters. It was very important for us to portray this family as they lived, as they are. It’s important to Rhode Island as well. Ben took that seriously. I put on the pounds. The moment I cut my hair is the moment I knew I was doing the movie. It was great. It put you in character.

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Actor Aaron Eckhart, joins Geoff Ketchum to describe his role in the upcoming film ‘My All-American’. Eckhart plays the role of Longhorns coach Darrell Royal, in a true story about inspirational character Freddie Steinmark. The movie will hit theaters on November 13, 2015.

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