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Birmingham embraces the filming of ‘Live’ starring Aaron Eckhart

Despite a few streets being blocked downtown and traffic detours, Birmingham is embracing the filming of the action movie ‘Live’ starring Aaron Eckhart.

Social media has been buzzing with Eckhart sightings, and just yesterday he took some time out of his busy schedule to meet with Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama.

@CrimeStoppersMetroAL / Facebook

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Aaron Eckhart attends a Birmingham Barons game

Aaron Eckhart and director Steve C. Miller at the Birmingham Barons game on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Aaron Eckhart w/ Barons mascots

Credit: Birmingham Barons (@bhambarons / Twitter)

Aaron Eckhart Birmingham Barons

Credit: Birmingham Barons (@bhambarons / Twitter)

Aaron Eckhart and Steve C. Miller

Credit: Birmingham Barons (@bhambarons / Twitter)

Aaron Eckhart Steve C. Miller Birmingham Barons

Credit: Birmingham Barons (@bhambarons / Twitter)

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Aaron Eckhart training at Taran’s Tactical Range

Another photo shared by Steven C Miller on Instagram

“Aaron dives in. This role is going to be intense and I love seeing how engulfed he becomes. I’m lucky to work w/ the best. #LIVEmovie.”

Aaron Eckhart and Steven C Miller at Taran's Tactical Range

Credit: Steven C Miller

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New photo of Aaron Eckhart w/ director Steven C Miller

From Steven C Miller’s Instagram (@stevencmiller):

“Fun gun training w/ #AaronEckhart, @tarantactical, & @bcoxdp for our newest flick. #LIVEmovie #filmmaking.”

Aaron Eckhart and Steven C Miller for new movie LIVE

Credit: Steven C Miller

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Nadav Kander photographs chameleonic actor Aaron Eckhart for Empire magazine

“I wanted to show this man of unending stamina in a few guises,” says Nadav Kander of his portrait shoot with actor Aaron Eckhart, a star of the movies Sully and the upcoming Bleed for This.

Aaron Eckhart by Kander

Photo: Nadav Kander

More photos at the source: Stockland Martel

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Aaron Eckhart Revealed (from 2010)

Men’s Health – Focused and fit, The Dark Knight’s Aaron Eckhart has a blast at everything he does. How? By staying in motion even when he chills out

Aaron Eckhart surfboard

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

Here’s the thing about actor Aaron Eckhart: He talks like he’s the ultimate artistic chill-out-on-the-couch type, but his actions reveal a very different kind of man. He separates work from everything else, but “everything else” is in motion, in flux. He runs on the beach. Hikes. Surfs. Plays guitar. Takes road trips from Los Angeles to his ranch in Montana.

Eckhart’s work time feeds his non-work time and vice versa. Most of us either shut down at the 5 o’clock whistle or simply don’t acknowledge a whistle at all. We become one-note entities that way. Eckhart’s goal is to hit as many notes as humanly possible, and that requires constant motion. It’s not to be confused with workaholism, or attention-deficit disorder, or an unwillingness to commit. It’s curiosity and hunger, pure and simple.

One of Eckhart’s most important life rules is to turn everyday, mandatory activities into playtime. “I won’t do it if it’s not fun, and if I have to do it, I’ll make it fun,” he says. Sounds simple, but how exactly do you make a mandatory activity fun? “I play games with myself. You can completely change your mood. If I have to crawl out of bed to take my dog for a walk, then I make that as enjoyable as possible. I tell myself, Hey, I can read a photography magazine while I do it. I’ll climb out of bed and by the time I see my dog, I’m a totally changed person.” How can you adopt the same kind of mindset? It’s all about embracing the power of play.

Aaron Eckhart boat

Photo: Creative Photographers, Inc.

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Aaron Eckhart on How Doubt Can Fuel Your Acting Career – Aaron Eckhart doesn’t shy away from misgivings about his acting abilities. He relishes them.

Aaron Eckhart Backstage magazine cover

Photo Source: Kareem Black

In the months leading up to the performance that would leave him unrecognizable, he prepared alongside top boxing trainers and fighters, studying their techniques and strategies. Their track records meant any skepticism was warranted, he says.

“Nobody really believed that I was going to be able to do this part,” he says of his casting as trainer Kevin Rooney in the upcoming Vinny Pazienza biopic “Bleed for This.” “When I talked to the old trainers in Vegas, the fighter guys and the promoters, when I told them I was doing Kevin Rooney, they gave me time, but they didn’t have any belief in their eyes.

“But that’s the fun about being an actor,” he continues. “Whether you’re playing a Marine or if you’re playing this [or] that, actors know they can get to places because of their experience and their technique. We can transform if we’re willing to go to those places.” Looking at Eckhart’s handsome features and lean, 6-foot frame, it’s evident why some might’ve felt he was miscast to play an overweight, middle-aged boxing trainer past his prime. But the actor’s commitment to the role sparked a complete transformation.

To star in the against-all-odds success story opposite Miles Teller as the world-title-holding champion Paz, Eckhart put on 40 pounds, shaved his head to appear balding, and began a meticulous study of the man who trained Mike Tyson before he aided in one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the sport.

At the start of his now 20-year acting career—he initially came to New York City with $1,300 in his pocket and no contacts—Eckhart admits the doubts of those who knew Rooney would’ve thrown him off his game. But that was before he started studying at the William Esper Studio between waiter-bartender shifts at famed French brasserie Les Halles, landed a Miller Lite commercial, moved to Los Angeles, and grabbed Hollywood’s attention. His first major film came in 1997 with Neil LaBute’s “In the Company of Men,” which was shot in under two weeks and funded with money from the car accident settlement of one of LaBute’s friends; he followed it up with “Erin Brockovich,” “Thank You for Smoking,” and his blockbuster breakthrough playing Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face) in “The Dark Knight.”

These days, lack of faith fuels him.

“I have such a technique and a strategy now for my process, and I’ve done it so many times that I know what I can do,” he says of his nearly 40 acting credits. “That’s not to say that I’m not scared when I take a movie, or [ask myself], ‘How am I going to do this?’ But it’s almost fun for me now to take disbelief and go, ‘You guys, it’s going to be OK. I am going to do this!’”

Photo Source: Kareem Black

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