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Aaron Eckhart: “I still have a lot to say”

The serious-minded actor explains how living the simple life gives him a much greater sense of self

Aaron Eckhart ocean background

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At the age of 48, Aaron Eckhart has built a career playing good men on the edge of darkness. At the end of this year, the California-born actor co-stars in two biopics: in Sully, he plays Jeffrey Skiles, the co-pilot who assisted Captain Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) in the emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549, and in Bleed For This, he portrays Kevin Rooney, the trainer of professional boxer Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller), who returned to the ring 13 months after breaking his neck in a near-fatal car crash.

Both are challenging, intense roles in which Eckhart faces the heavy responsibility of playing men who hold the fate of other people’s lives in their hands. But, in reality, he is naturally Zen, a trait he attributes to his maturity and the quiet life he leads outside the spotlight.

AARON ECKHART: I am a simple man in the sense that I don’t have a big life. As you become older, the most important thing is to know thyself. Earlier in my career, I would try to be everything to everybody. I don’t do that any more; I’m just me. Having a ranch in Montana helps me do that.

How so?

When I get there, I just stare at the water in the creek for hours. I move rocks, I clear the brush, I make fires and I look at the clouds. It obviously has a very soothing effect on a person, and it makes all the bullshit go away. I’m happy just leading my life and being an easy, simple person.

Do you feel satisfied with what you’ve accomplished?

No. I feel I still have a lot to say, and I need to say it in a different way. I’m very blessed to have had this career, but it’s not enough yet. I have to take more control of my message and who I am.

Who do you look up to? 

I’m a huge Sean Penn apologist. He’s got courage, he’s got convictions and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is.

He’s also an activist. Do you have a political message?

I look at things more as a whole. When I do movies, I want to see how we all come together instead of how we’re all different. That is where my energies go, whether it’s race or religion or politics. I don’t like all the fighting. I like the message that we’re all the same.

Has there been any role where you felt the power of that message?

[Long pause.] No. [Laughs.]

But there’s still time!

Hey, I’m not dead yet. I think after this interview, I’ll maybe have two years left to live.

Source: The Red Bulletin

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The Car That Aaron Eckhart, David Letterman and Other Stars Soup Up

For long trips out of town, Aaron Eckhart drives his “dream car” — a Land Cruiser FJ62 hand-built by Chatsworth, Calif.-based Icon (from $150,000), which scrupulously restores off-road vehicles. Says the actor of Icon founder Jonathan Ward: “He suggested I put a 1990 chassis on the 1988 body to give me better driveability while preserving the classic look. The entire car was taken apart, stripped down, powder-coated and reassembled.” The Sully co-star adds, “I’ve taken it out in severe weather, and it’s been a workhorse through and through.”

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Aaron Eckhart Gains 45 Pounds for ‘Bleed for This’

Muscle & Fitness

What did you think of Vinny Paz after hearing his story?

Aaron Eckhart: It’s amazing! Vinny is one of those guys that legends are made of- that don’t ever quit and don’t say “no” to finding their passion in life and commit to it absolutely. To think of what he went through just in terms of his own personal pain and overcoming adversity and believing in himself, I think it’s a lesson that we could all learn something from.

Did you spend time with Vinny?

Yeah, he was on the set. He was definitely around. He’s a great character. He has great energy to feed off of, very positive. Loves the movie. Loved telling us stories and was just a great presence.

What’s one memorable story that he told you?

What comes to mind is how a fighter shows up to a fight. Whether he thinks he’s actually inside himself. If he believes he can win. Sometimes they show up and they’re on an off night and they get into the ring and they’re like “this guy’s going to beat the shit out of me.” You don’t think about that kind of stuff. Then you say “how did you battle through?” He says “I just got in there and started swinging.” I say “Vinny, what did it feel like to knock this guy out? What did it feel like to get beaten on?” It’s always “Yeah, it doesn’t feel good.” Obviously we — the media and pundits — don’t get to feel the punches and we don’t get to get inside their minds so whenever you get firsthand accounts of that kind of stuff it’s a lot of fun.

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Around the world with Aaron Eckhart

CN Traveller – The star of The Rum Diary and The Dark Knight and long-time collaborator of playwright Neil LaBute on his favourite places

Credit: PA Photos

Have you always been a keen traveller?
When I was a kid we moved around: Australia, France, Switzerland, Hawaii. And as an actor, I spend most of the year abroad or in another US state as they no longer make movies in Hollywood. Living in hotel rooms and having hobbies I can do by myself come pretty natural now.

Where have you just come back from?
Cartagena in Colombia. They had a film festival down there, so I planned my trip around that. We stayed at the Casablanca. It really felt first class all the way.

Where in the world have you felt happiest?
At my ranch in Montana. My folks are from two very small towns in that state, so I’ve gravitated there. I like the outdoors; I like working the land; I like learning from nature and animals. My dad and I clear land and nurture it. We just chop down things and drag them around in the truck. It’s sort of a cliché to get a ranch, but I tell you what, it’s nice.

Name a place that most lived up to the hype
Botswana. I went there on safari with my then girlfriend. We were in the middle of the Okavango Delta – it was just what dreams are made of. We were woken by elephants dining and lounging after a kill, and zebras and giraffes. But of course, we were safe (unfortunately, as it would have been nice to get in a little more danger).

Which is your favourite city?
Paris is the most beautiful, but New York is a wonderful walking city; it’s so full of stimuli at every turn. I also have a great relationship with London. I lived in St George’s Hill in Surrey, so I grew up going to the Hammersmith Odeon to see Eighties hair bands: everybody from Judas Priest to Def Leppard. And then I did a play and lived in Marylebone; I used to walk to the theatre every day, all along from Marylebone to Regent Street to Leicester Square – that was special for me.

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The Drifter: Aaron Eckhart

Outside Magazine – When you’re as well traveled as Aaron Eckhart, picking a favorite town isn’t easy.

Aaron Eckhart shirtless


Like a lot of Hollywood stars, Aaron Eckhart’s been around. No, not that way. We mean he’s worked and lived, well, just about everywhere. “I’ve shot films in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle…” he says, then lists half a dozen more locations. “And I’ve lived in California, Utah, England, Australia, France, and Switzerland.” Wherever he is, he makes time to ski, surf, fish, and hike, all of which more than qualifies him as this year’s guest expert for our annual Best Towns feature. Just don’t ask him to pick his favorite spot. We tried, and he settled on 11.

There are two places I want to be. One is Montana. My whole family’s from Montana, and I’m building a cabin outside of Big Timber as we speak. Or I’d like to move to Paris. My formative years were in Europe, and I miss it. I miss the slow, kind of languid lifestyle in the south of France, especially in Aix-en-Provence. I lived there for four months, and it’s my favorite place in France. I also have a love affair with Switzerland and would love to have a place there to ski. The problem with the movie business, like the sports business, is that you can’t afford to hurt yourself, so I don’t snowboard as much as I used to. I went to college at Brigham Young, in Salt Lake City, and skied a lot, mostly at Snowbird. I think St. George, Utah, is a cool little town.

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